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07. Oktober 2020

The MurGame is now available in English!

Serious games and natural hazards – do they fit together? Our answer: YES! In our interactive, three-dimensional game we use new ways of communication and implement the concept of disaster risk reduction in a serious game. Now, the MurGame is also available in English: play it on and protect your village from debris flows!

Communication has to be considered as one of the key factors to raise awareness and enhance prevention measures, which are essential parts in reducing the risks and damages of natural hazards. New means of communication, such as serious games, enable us to reach a new target audience or to display contents in a complementary way. With our interactive, three-dimensional MurGame, we use these new opportunities to implement the concept of disaster risk reduction in a serious game. The goal of the game is to reduce damages and risks with appropriate protection measures, while taking into consideration the  special needs of the local population. The MurGame is server based, freely available and runs in standard web browsers (desktop devices only). Main fields of application are public events / trainings and the implementation on websites. 

The MurGame was developed by geo7 AG, Koboldgames GmbH and WSL-Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF / Team RAMMS. The project was enabeled by the Foundation of the Association of Cantonal Building Insurances, Mobiliar insurance and Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.

Now, the MurGame is also available in English and awaits you here:

Build your village, see what damage a debris flow can cause and find out which protection measures are appropriate in order to reduce risks. We hope you enjoy our game and we are looking forward to your feedbacks!

The MurGame is available in English: buildings are placed, a debris flow causes big losses. Now, it’s up to you: protect your village from debris flows!

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